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Styrofoam Adhesive PU Foam

Mad wolf styrofoam adhesive Pu foam, is a one component aerosol polyurethane foam curing swiftly with moisture. Providing very fast and powerful adhesion for various construction materials, especially highly recommended for heat insulation systems.

  • Mounting heat insulation panels and filling voids during adhesive application.
  • Best for wooden type construction materials adhesion to concrete, metal etc.
  • Applications needed minimum expansion.
  • Mounting and isolation for frames of windows and doors.
  • + It reduces labour costs with extraordinary application and practicality
  • + Adhesion takes just only 20-30 minutes.
  • + Ready to use. There is no need of preliminary preparation with related equipments like mixer.
  • + Powerful adhesion of heat insulation panels thanks to the chemistry of polyurethane. 

Carton (pcs) Weight

800 Ml.
950 Gr.